my carrd ! ͏͏͏͏͏͏ ͏͏͏͏͏͏x

‧₊˚✧ aly ✧˚₊‧

21, Ph, she/her

hi! i draw art for a living! you can order on my vgen or contact me. kofi donations are very much appreciated ❀˖°

fan arts, comic pages, ref sheets, stream assets

anime & chibi ͏͏͏͏͏͏ ͏͏͏͏͏͏ x

stylized ͏͏͏͏͏͏⠀ ͏͏͏͏͏͏ ͏͏͏͏͏͏ ͏͏͏͏͏͏ ͏͏͏͏͏͏ ͏͏͏͏͏͏ x

comic page ͏͏͏͏͏͏ ͏͏͏͏͏͏ ͏͏͏͏͏͏ x

furry/humanoid ͏͏͏͏͏͏ ͏͏͏͏͏͏ ͏͏͏͏͏͏ x

emotes/banner ͏͏͏͏͏͏ ͏͏͏͏͏͏ ͏͏͏͏͏͏ x

NSFW ͏͏͏͏͏͏ ͏͏͏͏͏͏ ͏͏͏͏͏͏ x

terms of sevice ͏ ͏͏͏͏͏͏ ͏͏͏͏͏͏ x

- SPECIFY/PROVIDE: I will need references/ inspiration photos/ description (pose, background, etc.) as detailed as possible.- PROCESS: Sketches, drafts, progress will be provided and I’ll make sure to update always.- REVISION: Maximum of 3 revisions only during sketch phase.- TIMEFRAME: Depends on how heavy the commission is but portraits are mostly doable for 2 weeks.- ADDITIONAL FEE: There will be an additional fee for another character, detailed background, etc.- PAYMENT: I will only start working once the commission is paid. I can only accept paypal or ko-fi. (Can pay half upfront first or full)note: If half, rest of the payment should be paid upon the completion of the sketch phase.- FINAL OUTPUT: Finished product will be delivered through email so please provide also your email.- NOTE: Strictly no refund.

feedbacks ͏͏͏͏͏͏ ͏͏͏͏͏͏ ͏͏͏͏͏͏ x